Stolen Moon by Alex Citron

Show dates: March 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, and 10, 2018

The Charlottesville Playwrights Collective presents the second show of our first season, an original full-length play by local playwright Alex Citron and directed by T. Eric Hart.

Auditions will be held on Sunday and Monday, December 3 and 4, at 7:00 pm each evening; at the Belmont Arts Collaborative, located at 221 Carlton Road [Suite 3].

Stolen Moon is a whimsical journey into the imagination of a young girl, as she discovers the enchanting powers of the moon, and why it hangs in the night sky. It is a delightful, new play; filled with whimsy, humor and a bit of a grand adventure. Roles available are as follows:

  • Amy (also called Salia) – a bright, inquisitive, no-nonsense girl of 12.
  • Ray – Amy’s grandfather; a warm, gentle man. Mid-fifties to early seventies.
  • Raymondo – Amy’s grandfather as a young man. Handsome, charming, romantic, but given to occasional moments of sadness. Early twenties.
  • Maria – a pretty, young woman, who loves Raymondo. Friendly and immediately likeable, but a skeptic. Late teens to early twenties.
  • Kolos – a wealthy, powerful man; mayor of Wonderopolis. Vain and foolish. Forties to sixties.
  • Turkos – Kolos’ best friend. Wealthy, equally foolish and fiercely competitive. Forties to sixties.
  • Vinni-Vunni – a poor, chubby, uneducated errand boy. Eager to please, loyal and very kind. Twenties.
  • Grathella – a grasping, bossy, impatient woman. Rival of Kolos and Turkos. Forties to sixties.
  • Selene – the embodiment of moonglow. Ageless and impossibly beautiful.

Audition appointments are not necessary; come at 7:00 either evening. Auditions will be by cold readings from the script. Advance copies of the entire play and/or audition sides will be available about ten days in advance. Please email to request them.

Please bring a list of your calendar conflicts to the auditions. Rehearsals will be held three or four evenings per week beginning on January 3rd. Performance dates are March 2 through 10.

More information and RSVP through Facebook

Stolen Moon by Alex Citron